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    Temat: Press Release - Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2019
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    FINAL Call for Participation

    *** UPDATED Program Summary ***

    24th International Conference on
    Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2019

    11-14 June 2019, Warsaw, Poland

    *** Check out tutorials and workshop! ***

    *** Exhibition Opening & Welcome Aperitif on Tuesday ***
    *** Full Program available on conference web site ***
    *** Register now! ***


    Press release:

    24th Ada-Europe Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

    International experts meet in Warsaw

    Warsaw, Poland (5 June 2019) - Ada-Europe together with EDC (the
    Engineering Design Center, a partnership of General Electric and
    the Institute of Aviation), organize from 11 to 14 June 2019 the
    "24th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies -
    Ada-Europe 2019" in Warsaw, Poland. The event is in cooperation with
    the Ada Resource Association (ARA), and with ACM's Special Interest
    Groups on Ada (SIGAda), on Embedded Systems (SIGBED) and on Programming
    Languages (SIGPLAN).

    The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become
    a leading international forum for providers, practitioners and
    researchers in reliable software technologies. These events
    highlight the increased relevance of Ada in general and in safety-
    and security-critical systems in particular, and provide a unique
    opportunity for interaction and collaboration between academics and
    industrial practitioners.

    This year's conference offers tutorials and a workshop, two keynotes,
    a technical program of refereed papers and industrial presentations, an
    industrial exhibition and vendor presentations, and a social program.

    Two tutorials are scheduled on Tuesday, targeting different audiences:
    "An Introduction to Ada", for those who want to understand the benefits
    of using Ada; and "Controlling I/O Devices with Ada, using the Remote
    I/O Protocol", for those willing to develop Ada programs that control
    external hardware devices. On Friday the conference hosts for the
    6th consecutive year the workshop on "Challenges and new Approaches
    for Dependable and Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering" (DeCPS 2019):
    registration is complementary for conference participants.

    The industrial exhibition opens Tuesday mid-afternoon in the networking
    area and runs until the end of Thursday afternoon. Exhibitors include
    AdaCore, PTC Developer Tools, Rapita Systems, Vector, and Ada-Europe.
    All tutorial and conference participants are invited to the exhibition
    opening, as well as to the Welcome Aperitif afterwards.

    Two eminent keynote speakers have been invited to open each day
    of the core conference program: Michael Klemm (OpenMP, Germany), on
    "OpenMP API: A Story about Threads, Tasks and Devices"; and Tucker Taft
    (AdaCore, USA), on "A 2020 View of Ada".

    The technical program on Wednesday and Thursday presents 9 refereed
    technical papers and 8 industrial presentations in sessions on
    Assurance Issues in Critical Systems, Tooling Aid for Verification,
    Best Practices for Critical Applications, Uses of Ada in Challenging
    Environments, Verification Challenges, and Real-Time Systems.
    Also included is a speaker's corner on "Experience from 40 years of
    teaching Ada", and vendor presentations. Peer-reviewed papers will
    be published in an open-access journal, industrial presentations and
    tutorial abstracts in the Ada User Journal, the quarterly magazine
    of Ada-Europe.

    The social program includes on Tuesday evening a Welcome Aperitif
    on the terrace of the Institute of Aviation, enjoying a wonderful
    view of the Warsaw airport and city center, accompanied by drinks and
    typical Polish snacks. On Wednesday evening will be the traditional
    Ada-Europe Conference Banquet, with Polish cuisine, drinks, and live
    piano music, in the restaurant "Przepis na kompot" in the town where
    Chopin was born.

    The Best Paper Award will be presented during the Conference Banquet,
    the Best Presentation Award during the Closing session.

    The full program is available on the conference web site.
    Online registration is still possible.


    Latest updates:
    The 12-page "Final Program" is available at

    Check out the tutorials in the PDF program, or in the schedule at

    Registration fees are lower than ever and the registration process is
    done on-line. Don't delay! For all details, select "Registration"
    at <> or go directly to

    A printed Conference Booklet with abstracts of all technical papers and
    industrial presentations will be included in every conference handout.

    Help promote the conference by advertising for it:
    Put up the poster at

    Recommended Twitter hashtags: #AdaEurope and/or #AdaEurope2019.

    For more info and latest updates see the conference web site at


    Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
    Please circulate widely.

    Dirk Craeynest, Ada-Europe'2019 Publicity Chair

    *** 24th Intl.Conf.on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'2019
    June 11-14, 2019 * Warsaw, Poland *


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