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    Temat: FOSDEM 2020 Ada Developer Room - presentations & videos online
    Od: (Dirk Craeynest)


    *** Presentations and video recordings available online ***

    10th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2020

    Saturday 1 February 2020
    Brussels, Belgium


    All presentations and video recordings from the 10th Ada Developer
    Room, held at FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels recently, are available via
    the Ada-Belgium and FOSDEM web sites now.

    - "Welcome to the Ada DevRoom"
    by Dirk Craeynest - Ada-Belgium, Jean-Pierre Rosen - Ada-France
    - "An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers"
    by Jean-Pierre Rosen - Adalog, France
    - "HAC: the Compiler which will Never Become Big"
    by Gautier de Montmollin - Ada-Switzerland
    - "Tracking Performance of a Big Application from Dev to Ops"
    by Philippe Waroquiers - Eurocontrol, Belgium
    - "Cappulada: What we've Learned"
    by Johannes Kliemann - Componolit, Germany
    - "Programming ROS2 Robots with RCLAda"
    by Alejandro R. Mosteo - Centro Universit. de la Defensa, Spain
    - "Live Demo of Ada's Distribution Features"
    by Jean-Pierre Rosen - Adalog, France
    - "Writing Shared Memory Parallel Programs in Ada"
    by Jan Verschelde - Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, USA
    - "Spunky: a Genode Kernel in Ada/SPARK"
    by Martin Stein - Genode Labs, Germany
    - "Alire: Ada Has a Package Manager"
    by Alejandro R. Mosteo - Centro Universit. de la Defensa, Spain
    & Pierre-Marie de Rodat and Fabien Chouteau - AdaCore, France
    - "Protect Sensitive Data with Ada Keystore"
    by Stephane Carrez - Twinlife, France
    - "EUgen: a European Project Proposal Generator"
    by Riccardo Bernardini - University of Udine, Italy
    - "On Rapid Application Development in Ada"
    by Tomasz Maluszycki - Poland
    - "Ada-TOML: a TOML Parser for Ada"
    by Pierre-Marie de Rodat - AdaCore, France
    - "Securing Existing Software using Formally Verified Libraries"
    by Tobias Reiher - Componolit (in Security room)
    - "BSP Generator for 3000+ ARM Microcontrollers"
    by Fabien Chouteau - AdaCore (in Hardware room)
    - "Gneiss: A Nice Component Framework in SPARK"
    by Johannes Kliemann - Componolit (in Microkernels room)
    - "A Component-based Environment for Android Apps"
    by Alexander Senier - Componolit (in Microkernels room)

    Presentation abstracts, speaker bios, pointers to relevant information,
    copies of slides, links to corresponding pages and video recordings,
    are available via the Ada-Belgium and FOSDEM sites at the URLs above.

    Some pictures will be posted later as well. If you have pictures
    or other material you would like to share, or know someone who does,
    then please contact me.

    Finally, thanks once more to all presenters and helpers for their work
    and collaboration, thanks to all the FOSDEM organizers and volunteers,
    thanks to the many participants for their interest, and thanks to
    everyone for another nice experience!

    Dirk Craeynest, FOSDEM Ada DevRoom coordinator (for Ada-Belgium/Ada-Europe/SIGAda/WG9)

    #AdaFOSDEM #AdaDevRoom #AdaProgramming
    #AdaBelgium #AdaEurope #FOSDEM2020



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