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    Temat: Press Release - AEiC 2021, Ada-Europe Reliable Softw. Technol.
    Od: (Dirk Craeynest)


    FINAL Call for Participation

    *** UPDATED Program Summary ***

    25th Ada-Europe International Conference on
    Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2021)

    7-10 June 2021, Virtual Event

    *** Check out tutorials! ***

    *** Don't miss the thematic social events on Tuesday and Wednesday ***
    *** Full Program available on the conference web site ***
    *** Register now! ***

    #AEiC2021 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming


    Press release:

    25th Ada-Europe Int'l Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

    International experts meet in virtual conference hosted by Underline

    Santander, Spain (31 May 2021) - Ada-Europe together with the University
    of Cantabria, Spain organize from 7 to 10 June 2021 the 25th Ada-Europe
    International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2021).
    The conference was initially scheduled to take place in Santander,
    Spain. According to the safety and sanitary measures under the COVID-19
    pandemic, this year the conference will be a virtual event, hosted by
    Underline ( The event is in cooperation with
    the Ada Resource Association (ARA), and with ACM's Special Interest
    Groups on Ada (SIGAda), on Embedded Systems (SIGBED) and on Programming
    Languages (SIGPLAN).

    The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become a leading
    international forum for providers, practitioners and researchers in
    reliable software technologies. These events highlight the increased
    relevance of Ada in general and in safety- and security-critical systems
    in particular, and provide a unique opportunity for interaction and
    collaboration between academics and industrial practitioners.

    This year's conference offers 5 tutorials, 3 keynotes, a technical
    program of 7 sessions with refereed papers, invited and industrial
    presentations, a work-in-progress session, an industrial exhibition
    and vendor presentations, and a social program.

    Five parallel tutorials are scheduled on Monday, targeting different
    - "Programming mobile robots with ROS2 and the RCLAda Ada client
    library", by Alejandro R. Mosteo;
    - "Introduction to the development of safety critical software",
    by Jean-Pierre Rosen;
    - "Parallel programming with Ada and OpenMP", by Sara Royuela,
    S. Tucker Taft, Luis Miguel Pinho;
    - "Timing verification from UML & MARTE design models: techniques
    & tools", by Laurent Rioux, Julio Medina and Shuai Li;
    - "Programming shared memory computers", by Jan Verschelde.
    Tutorial registration is complementary for conference participants.

    The industrial exhibition opens Tuesday under the Expo area in the
    virtual platform and also in the Lounge, which is the networking area.
    It runs until the end of Thursday afternoon. Exhibitors include
    AdaCore, PTC Developer Tools, and Ada-Europe. All conference
    participants are invited to the exhibition as well as to the virtual
    social events.

    Three eminent speakers have been invited to deliver a keynote at each
    of the core conference days:
    - Ángel Conde, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence team leader at
    IKERLAN (Spain), who will present his work on "Software reliability in
    the Big Data era with an industry-minded focus";
    - Alfons Crespo, who is with the Institute of Automation and Industrial
    Informatics of the Universitat Politčcnica de Valčncia (Spain), will
    give an answer to the question "Why hypervisor-based approach is the
    best alternative for mixed-criticality systems";
    - Tucker Taft, who is Director of Language Research at AdaCore (USA),
    will talk on "A sampling of Ada 2022".

    The technical program from Tuesday to Thursday presents 13 refereed
    technical papers and 5 invited, 6 industrial and 4 vendor presentations
    in sessions on:
    - Scheduling and mixed-criticality systems,
    - Software modeling,
    - Autonomous systems,
    - Ada issues and Ravenscar,
    - Validation and verification tools,
    - Emerging applications with reliability requirements,
    - Safety challenges.

    In addition, there is a work-in-progress session including 8
    presentations and associated posters.

    Peer-reviewed papers have been submitted to a special issue
    of the Journal of Systems Architecture and are heading towards
    final acceptance as open-access publications. Industrial and
    work-in-progress presentations, together with tutorial abstracts,
    will be offered publication in the Ada User Journal, the quarterly
    magazine of Ada-Europe.

    The social program is hosted in a space under the
    environment that allows informal and lively gathering of the
    participants. This space has different areas, such as rooms,
    tables, and corners where a participant can approach to talk
    though videoconferencing with participants in the same virtual area.
    This facility will be used for the breaks, poster session, exhibition
    and social events. Don't miss the thematic social events at the end
    of each core conference day.

    The Best Presentation Award will be offered during the Closing session.

    The full program is available on the conference web site.
    Online registration is still possible.


    Latest updates:

    The "Final Program" is available at

    Check out the tutorials in the PDF program, or in the schedule at

    Registration fees are lower than ever and the registration
    process is done on-line. Don't delay! For all details, select
    "Registration" at or go directly

    The technical sessions are designed with the flipped-conference concept,
    where the audience can access pre-recorded presentation materials
    in advance. The live sessions are devoted to short presentations of
    the highlights of each contribution, allowing ample time for questions
    and answers with the presenter. The recorded materials will also be
    available for some time after their sessions.

    The program runs between 12:30 and 18:30 CEST, to allow participation
    from different time zones. For more info and latest updates see the
    conference web site at

    AEiC 2021 is sponsored by AdaCore (, Ellidiss
    (, PTC Developer Tools (,
    Universidad de Cantabria (, and Vector

    Help promote the conference by advertising it.
    Recommended Twitter hashtags: #AdaEurope and/or #AEiC2021.


    Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
    Please circulate widely.

    Dirk Craeynest, AEiC 2021 Publicity Chair (aka Ada-Europe 2021),

    * 25th Ada-Europe Int. Conf. Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2021)
    * June 7-10, 2021 * online event * **


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